Ezekiel’s Battle Soon?


Thank you so much – I read “Ask the Bible Teacher” Daily. I’d just like to follow up on a posting of 5/17 re: “End Times Timing”. At the end of your answer to that question you say: “As for the preparations for Ezekiel’s Battle, I think they’re in their final stages as you read this. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen right away, only that just about everybody is ready for it”.

Anyway, I am constantly reading and keeping up to date with all the activity of the Middle East. Iran, Israel, Syria, Russia….is this what you’re referring to in your answer that I quoted above? Do you really think (those countries) are really in the final stages for THE Ezekiel’s battle? Can you tell us more about what is going on over there and how it relates to the Rapture? Is there anything else that needs to take place in order for the battle to happen? I am so excited for the Lords return. COME JESUS COME!!!


Yes, I really do think that the final preparations for Ezekiel’s battle are being made. But as I said, that doesn’t mean the battle is imminent. There are somethings that have to happen first, chief among them that Israel has to feel secure enough so that they’re taken by surprise.

It’s possible that the flare up between Israel and its neighbors predicted for the summer of 2007 has begun. If so there will soon be a demand for an end to the hostilities. The resultant treaty could convince the Israelis that they’ve achieved peace. If that happens then the final pieces can fall into place quickly to bring on Ezekiel’s battle.