Finding Fulfillment In Life


Believing that the Lord provide for my basic needs like food, drink, and clothes is not a problem to me. But when it’s about all the things I have to succeed in, and my welfare in every existing area of my life, that’s another story. I yearn for a job that is fulfilling to me, so I can do what interests me and experience success instead of feeling incompetent or out of place. And the most important thing is that my future job would not cause me distress and misery. It would be good if my welfare and my well being in every area of my life wouldn’t depend on me and my so very insufficient abilities, but instead I could ask the Lord to take the sole responsibility for all of these things. Is the Lord willing to cooperate and help me in such a way?


The Lord said to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness and in return, He would provide everything you need. (Matt. 6:25-34) What more do you want? The most fulfilling job you could have is one that lets you exercise your spiritual gifts on His behalf. Focusing on worldly success will keep you from seeking His kingdom, not help you.

In 1 Cor. 6:19 Paul said, “You are not your own. You were bought with a price.” and in Romans 12:1-2 he said to present your whole life as a living sacrifice, a spiritual act of worship. Then you’ll be able to determine what His will is for you. In other words, you give your life to Him to use as He pleases and in return, He’ll give you everything you need and more. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He’ll give you the desire of your heart.” He knows what will make you happiest. If you let Him, He’ll give it to you.