Germany And Ezekiel 38


I have been reading some recent articles that seem to be advocating that Germany will be a major player in the Ezekiel 38 39 battle! Do you think that Germany could be Rosh rather than Russia?


Most commentators equate Rosh with Russia and some still see a reference to modern Germany in Gomer. His descendants settled the Danube and Rhine River valleys, and his son Ashkenaz gave his name to the European Jews, who call themselves the Ashkenazi. Many of them came from the concentration camps of Germany to resettle the Promised Land after WW2.

Before the break-up of the Soviet Union, scholars routinely placed East Germany in the Magog coalition as an Iron Curtain country who would have to support mother Russia. Since then, many have changed their interpretation of Gomer to mean the Balkans because they’re also descendants of Gomer and have a significant Moslem population. Don’t forget, this coalition is brought together because of a common religion. Ezekiel 38 is not Arabs against Israel, it’s Moslems against Jews.