Good Nephilim?


I have been studying a lot of ancient history and have noticed something interesting…there are over 300 flood accounts in the legends and folklore of different cultures. This of course makes sense to me because the Bible tells us of the flood. However, something else seems to be emerging as well. Many of the ancient legends contain a visitation by a being who brings to whichever culture, whether it be Sumerian, Egyptian, Myan, or whomever, advanced technology in many different forms from architecture to agriculture. This being also teaches against human sacrifice, to love one another and treat each other with respect. Depending on the culture, he has been described as a god, or part man part god. Is it possible, this was a good Nephilim? We see in scripture that Nephilim existed before and after the flood. Did some go around giving advanced technologies to primitive man? It seems to me the more I dig into our ancient past, the more bizarre it becomes.


I’ve heard many of the accounts you refer to and am convinced that these beings had supernatural power and ability. I believe the Nephilim had a world wide impact and came close to taking over the entire planet. And yes, they were considered good by man. Genesis 6:4 calls them men of renown which means men of fame, reputation and glory. This was because of their good works and their efforts in instruction and imparting wisdom.

This is one of the enemy’s favorite strategies, making evil look good. It worked with Eve in the garden and has worked ever since. It’s one of the great attractions of organized religion. The effect is to draw man away from God and into self reliance, elevating him in his own mind. It’s not that God wanted to with hold this knowledge, It’s that the Nephilim used it to pry man away from God. It’s no coincidence that the period of Nephilim influence on Earth was also the period of man’s greatest depravity.