Nephilim Skeletons Found?


Since there were Nephilim or Giants in those days, do we have skeletal remains of these beings? If we do why are they not in the public eye like Dinosaurs?


Google “Nephilim Skeletons” and you’ll find that some folks believe that many have been discovered. The reason they’re not on display as such is because the idea of angels having sex with women is repugnant to a lot of people and the world at large both inside and outside the church is in denial about the whole issue.

The main line church even has an alternate interpretation of Genesis 6. They claim that the phrase “sons of God” actually describes the line of Seth and “daughters of men” refers to the line of Cain. They say the passage explains the corruption of pre-flood man through inter-marriage between the faithful line and the rebellious line until only Noah was still a true believer. As one commentator wryly put it, “The children of a marriage between a believer and a non-believer may act like monsters, but they’re not super-natural giants.”

Only recently has the thought of a hybrid race taking control of Earth and necessitating the destruction of all mankind in a universal flood gained any traction even among Evangelicals.