Magog. Russia Or Turkey?


I’ve noticed that several teachers are now saying Russia might not be part of the Ezekiel 38 battle, but that Magog actually stands for Turkey. What do you think of that?


It strikes me as odd that just as Russia is making its intentions in the Middle East unmistakably clear, a number of people have come to this conclusion. I think it has more to do with trying to make Turkey’s current position fit the prophetic scenario than anything else.

Throughout history there has been an identification with Magog from Genesis 10 and the Russian people. And you don’t need to use Magog to bring Turkey into the Ezekiel 38 scenario. Meshech and Tubal work just fine.

Finally Ezekiel 38:15 says Gog of Magog will come from his place in the far north. When you begin in Israel and draw a line northward you run into Turkey, sure enough. But if you keep going to the far north you wind up in Moscow.

I’m going to stick with the traditional interpretation, which identifies Magog with Russia.