My Husband Won’t Forgive Them


I contacted an ex of mine by email. My sister and even my own mother would make comments on how they wished I would have stayed with the ex before meeting my husband. Eventually it got overwhelming for me so I contacted him. My husband found out and was furious. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and repented and have had no contact at all for over a year. My husband did come to the Lord a few months back but still won’t forgive my sister and mother. We have cut communication with them too, per his decision.

I am just so full of guilt for what I did. I am not even sure why it happened, but I know it’s all my fault. I am very happy now with my husband and we are trying to serve the Lord but its hard when he is so full of hate towards my mom and sis. I’m afraid he will never forgive this and I will never see them again. What can I do?


If your husband has become a believer then the Holy Spirit will convict him of this anger and soften his heart. Your best course of action is to pray for your husband and ask God to let this happen. Ask Him to bring someone into your husband’s life who can help him see the need to forgive. You should also keep praying for forgiveness for yourself. The fact that you are full of guilt means you haven’t accepted the Lord’s forgiveness. As strange as this sounds, your feelings of guilt may even be part of the reason your husband is still angry. Once he sees that God has forgiven you and you have forgiven yourself, he might also become more forgiving.