The Anti-Christ And Mr. Obama, Follow Up.


I have read with great displeasure as you and some others have perpetuate this idea that Mr. Obama is the anti-Christ. We do not yet know what tomorrow will bring. However, if you want me to take you seriously, will you promise on your website that if after 4 or 8 years Mr. Obama has not become the anti-Christ you insinuate he may be you will give an unreserved apology to him.


For the record I never said that Mr. Obama is the anti-Christ. I stated clearly that it’s too early to know who the anti-christ will be. I did say that there’s nothing we know about him that could prevent him from becoming the anti-Christ, but that the church would probably never know if he is or not. But even if it turns out that he is it would be irrelevant to us.

Since I never said that he is there would be no need for me to apologize if he isn’t. Beside that, if you really read my article on the subject you would know that I don’t believe the church will be here when the time you’ve set for me to apologize comes.