The Birth Pangs Are Here!


When asked about signs of his return Jesus spoke of men being lovers of self, children not obeying their parents, earthquakes in diverse places, weather phenomenon and more. I see so much of that happening today, and now with the friendship between Iran and Russia, as well as the rise of Islam, (leading to Ezekiel 38-39) how would you compare Jesus’ words to what we see in society today?


Jesus compared these things to birth pangs, in that they’d be mild and far apart at the beginning and then more intense and more frequent as the end draws near. In my view that’s what’s been happening for the last few years. Now, it seems like hardly a day goes by without multiple indications of these signs, and they’re becoming more extreme just as quickly. For example, I recently read that the 8 largest wheat producers in the world all experienced catastrophic crop failures this past year. Wars and rumors of war abound, and there’s a growing fear among people everywhere of what the future might bring. I can’t imagine us being very far from the beginning of the End Times judgments, and that means the Rapture’s even closer.