The Pygmies In Africa


Re: your article “What About The Pygmies in Africa?” Have you read Romans 9-11? Have you studied the characteristics of God? How is God just is sending someone, a tribal person let’s say who has never heard, to heaven? Is that really balancing out his attributes? I don’t think so. What does Romans 5:8 teach us? And you also say that if people just catch a glimpse of a creator they are saved? Man that is wrong thinking! You are putting God’s love above all other attributes. By grace through faith…in what? Jesus Christ.


Had you looked further in the directory where you found the article about the Pygmies, you would have come to my commentary on Romans 9-11, two articles down. Paul wrote these three chapters to explain that Israel was elected by God, and then rejected the Messiah, but will again be accepted by Him in the Last days and be restored. Advocates of replacement theology, especially those of a Calvinistic persuasion, sometimes use these chapters to explain how the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan, and how God has chosen some to be saved and others to be lost. These views clearly violate Paul’s purpose in writing, as well as the context of the passage itself.

In my “Pygmie” article I explained how God, being just, cannot condemn someone for being ignorant of something he had no way of learning. The Bible tells us that the minimum required of us all is to know there’s a God. According to Romans 1:18-20 we learn that by looking at the Creation. I said that once a person comes to this realization and begins seeking Him, God will move Heaven and Earth to get him the information he needs to be saved. I used Matt.7:7-8 as my authority. You, being a missionary to tribal people, are one of the ways God accomplishes this, and I commend you for your sacrificial service. No where in my article do I even hint that a glimpse of creation is all it takes to be saved.