South Africa Outreach August 2020

I’m so excited to share this outreach with you this week! We’ve been trying for months to get food and masks to the communities we have served in South Africa. We work with a local church there and it’s been such a blessing to help. 

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None of the areas we serve have reserves to make it through lockdown with no work. So we knew at the beginning of the pandemic there would be millions in need. In this area in South Africa, there have been bombings and violence, cutting the communities most in need off from help. But we finally had an opening and were able to get a big truck in, filled with food!

Food Distribution

We were able to include masks for everyone as well!

Pallets filled with the staples to get the community through lockdown

We were able to bring in the big truck and families lined up with boxes for us to fill.

Thank you for being a part of the Lord’s provision for those in need! Please keep this church we partner with and all in the community in your prayers.


See the other parts this week:

Thank you for your love, and your prayers for those we serve around the world! It’s absolutely amazing what happens when we come together and follow the Lord’s leading. I’m beyond grateful for you all!

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Thank you for keeping us, this ministry, and our outreaches in prayer, and thank you for your support! We couldn’t do any of this without you.

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God bless you!
♥ Samantha