This week on the website: August 15, 2020

This week, we covered Jack’s study on Romans with Part 11 & 12.

An excerpt from part 11:

Love, for the day is near…

According to Matt. 5&6 these commandments are either obeyed out of the motivations of our hearts or they are not obeyed at all. They weren’t meant to train us to perform acts of outward obedience, like a dog or a seal, but to develop hearts full of love and respect for others, just as the Lord’s heart is full of love and respect for us. Love your neighbor as yourself. When the lawyer asked Him, “And who is my neighbor?” Jesus replied with the parable of the Good Samaritan, instructing us to go and do likewise. (Luke 10:29-37)


Your life is changing dramatically. All the rules are different and many seem counter-intuitive:

Give with no thought of receiving and you’ll receive more than you give. (Luke 6:38)

Put yourself last and you’ll become first. (Matt. 20:16)

Sacrifice your life in order to keep it. (Luke 17:33)

Don’t focus on what you can see, but on what you can’t. (2 Cor. 4:18) And on it goes.

In chapters 12-15 Paul has provided the guide to playing by these new rules. Master them and begin playing to win while there’s time. Let’s read on.


Here’s a recap of this week’s featured posts, in case you missed any:

On the site, we continued Jack’s study on the Book of Romans, with Part 11 and Part 12.

On the blog

Our week in review posts were getting incredibly long, so I’m breaking them up now. I’ll link to each part so it’s still easy to follow along. See the two outreach links above for pictures from our week.


Commentary on the Psalms



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