Tithing On A Gift


I know many questions have been answered about tithing, but I have one more. If you receive someone else’s money for you to use for a certain reason, is that something you shouldn’t tithe on? I do not feel obligated to do so, and tithing on it would not be done joyfully (which probably answers my own personal question). I agree that you should tithe on your gross income (because it is all money you’ve earned, you’re just giving money to the government for programs you will benefit from in the future). But if you receive money someone else has given you for a specific purpose, would it not be improper to give their money to something they did not intend it for?


Tithing is the way we say thanks to God for what he’s given us. All money was previously someone else’s. If you’ve been given a gift of money, you have even greater reason to show your thanks to God. If you believe that God is the ultimate source of your financial blessing, no matter how it came to you, the only money you wouldn’t give thanks for is a loan that you’re obligated to repay.

Remember, the Lord said that with the measure you use it will be measured to you. (Luke 6:38) Showing your gratitude for the gifts you’ve been given is the best way to ensure that you’ll receive more. So don’t look for ways to give less, look for ways to give more.