What About Psalm 83?


I agree with your position on Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38-39. Your explanation makes sense scripturally. Israel is not at peace and is not a land of unwalled villages. Yet some other so called prophecy experts continue to make it a point to discredit the Psalm 83 information. This is difficult for me to understand. Why is it so hard for some to accept that maybe God is revealing new understanding through some of his other children for the edification of the whole body of Christ?


Not everyone agrees that Psalm 83 will actually occur. While it hasn’t happened in the past, opponents of the view say it doesn’t have to happen in the future. They say God could have answered Asaph’s prayer pre-emptively. They’ve also found ways (that don’t impress me) around Israel being a peaceful, unsuspecting people at the time of Ezekiel’s attack as Ezekiel 38:11 requires. We’ll have to wait and see who’s right, and our wait will likely be a short one.