Will The UN Birth The Beast?


I have a question regarding the “beast” out of the sea,who is wounded and is as dead.

a)The league of Nation was formed after world war 2 but did not last long and seemingly died.

b)The United Nations is a resurrection of the first.

c)All the countries of the world are represented in it and give their allegiance to it.

d)America, after Iraq now also does things through the UN

e)The UN is as toothless as the league of nations was but if a powerful figure had to take charge and use the pooled power of all the nations world wide would it not be a powerfull force?

f)I understand that “Beast” will come out of the old Roman Empire but are all the European countries not on the UN and giving their full support to it????

g)The leaders of the UN to date have been weak and greedy people,what could happen if “satan” put a man in that position?.


You could be right, but I personally don’t think the UN is long for the world, except perhaps as an irrelevant debating forum. I think that when the USA is no longer willing or able to support the UN, it will disappear, to be replaced by a Europe centered world government under the head of the anti-Christ.