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The Truth About Easter

Published: April 19, 2017 (Originally published: March 16, 2017)

We call it Easter because of the pagan feast it replaced, and celebrate it at the wrong time in most years. And what do colored eggs and bunnies have to do with anything? Learn the truth about the most important day in human history.

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Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Published: September 11, 2006 (Originally published: September 11, 2006)

Recently in the news, we all heard of Steve Irwin’s (The Crocodile Hunter) death. This event has really been bothering me for some reason. What bothers me the most is why did he die? This man that has probably done nothing but good in this world. Now his wife is a widow, and his 2 children are fatherless. I just don’t understand. You see all these crazy, godless people running around this world, and nothing bad seems to happen to them (not that I wish it did). Why do bad things happen to people that do good things in their life?

My family and I are going through a lot ourselves. My husband has battled cancer, which disfigured his face. And our daughter is fighting for her life as well, from brain cancer. She is not even 3 years old yet, and we just don’t understand why these things have happened to us.

To get to the point, I think my issue is that I don’t know what happens after death, and that is what I am afraid of, the not knowing part. How do we know what to expect? What is the point of horrible things being allowed to happen to decent people? Is there any passage from the bible that can answer these type of questions?

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Conviction Or Condemnation?

Published: September 15, 2006 (Originally published: September 15, 2006)

Your site is fascinating! First of all, I am a Hungarian girl, so, sorry for my bad English!

I have problem with the following verses: Matthew 6:14 says: “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Also Luke 6:37-38. I have a serious struggle with forgiving from my heart. Don’t feelings matter at all? I want to forgive from my heart and asked God for help, but I feel condemned because of my wrong feelings toward the respective person. And this judging thing…I see what a grave sin judging is, but for me it’s like a bad thinking habit! I struggle with it too!

Luke 6:38 says: “…for with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Does it mean God is less compassionate (or absolutely not compassionate) toward such people who struggle with that sin? I read something where the author said God hates double standards. I understand it but this all is frightening!

Moreover it looks like He insists that somebody with the above mentioned sins risk his salvation. He doesn’t declare it, but it felt like that’s what He’s insisting. I used to believe in OSAS but it’s startling. What do you think of it? Is Godless compassionate to such people?

Finally: I read “Why can’t I stop sinning” and your answer shook me. You say guilty feelings are from Satan? I mean, when I feel condemned and that God frowns at me is that always from the Devil? And the Holy Spirit never condemns us? Thank you for your answers!

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Demonic Visitation

Published: September 10, 2006 (Originally published: September 10, 2006)

I was raised Catholic and raised my children Catholic. I got saved about six years ago and began going to a Christian church. One of my two grown daughters has been going with me also but I could never get my other grown daughter to. She has not been in a church in about five years. Last weekend she indicated out of the blue that she would attend church with us. Of course, I was very happy and grateful.

This past Friday evening she said she would go again with us on Sunday. Then, at about 1 am on Saturday morning, she was awakened by a presence in her room which she felt was demonic. She felt it trying to push her off of her bed and she had a strong feeling that if it did, she would become possessed. No one in my family has ever had any experience of this kind before. She began to pray the Lord’s Prayer out loud over and over again and the pushing motion she felt slowed down but did not stop and the presence did not leave her. In fact, her lips became numb and soon she could no longer pray out loud. At that instant she began to say in her mind, “I cast you out in Jesus Name” and immediately the presence left her.

Can you explain this? Could it have just been a dream? If not is there anything I can do to help her? She is frightened it may happen again. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

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A Horse Or A Donkey?

Published: September 3, 2006 (Originally published: September 3, 2006)

I wanted to tell you that I have been reading your teachings for the last 4 hours straight. The last two weeks I have been teaching our young people about end time prophecy and current events. It raised many questions even for me. I have had many questions about prophecy and end time events, sequence of events, and scriptural proof. Your website has been a true blessing!

My only question is regarding your article about Passover and Palm Sunday. You stated that the only time Jesus announced himself as king was when he came in on Palm Sunday. However, he came in on a donkey, not a horse. A donkey in that time period was ridden and symbolic of priests. A horse would have symbolized a king. That is why Jesus in his 2nd coming will the rider on the white horse. This is where he comes as KING! Rev. 19:11

Please correct me if I am wrong, or give me your thoughts on this. Thank you so much for your time!

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Rahab To David

Published: September 13, 2006 (Originally published: September 13, 2006)

I have always been puzzled by the genealogical time span between Rahab and her husband Salmon through to the birth of David. Scripture lists Salmon – Boaz – Obed – Jesse – and then David. Calculations by many historians, including Ussher have the time span of these generations approximating 385 years.

The men in this genealogy would all have had to have been quite old or perhaps a couple of generations were omitted in the Scripture. How do you see this?

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God’s Wheels

Published: September 10, 2006 (Originally published: September 10, 2006)

In your article The End Times According To Daniel Part One, I came across this sentence; ‘His throne was flaming with fire, and its wheels were all ablaze.’ – from the Dan. 7:9-10 paragraph.

Why are there wheels on God’s throne? Aren’t wheels a thing we men use to help us move things?

This is God’s throne here. Why does it have wheels?