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Today's Bible Q&A

  • Can We Long For The Rapture Too Much?

    As always, I echo the thanks of many countless others who are blessed by the Lord through your faithful service to Him. I have a question that I have been pondering for a while now, and I seek God’s wisdom through you about it. I wonder if it is possible to long too much for the rapture and deliverance from this brief blip in our eternal existence.

    I know that where our treasure is, there our heart will also be. I also know that prioritizing eternity with God will bring a crown when that time comes. I worry though that in hoping for the rapture the way I do, I am somehow neglecting lessons learned or responsibilities or opportunities that need to be fulfilled here during this Earthly life. I am still serving in the ministry God has placed me in, still working at my job, still paying my bills, still going about the act of being human, but I find myself deeply longing, waiting, anticipating the rapture, looking forward to it more than anything else my days may bring. Is this somehow wrong – can one be so intent on the Heavenly future as to neglect the present?

  • Tending The Tree Of Life

    I would like to know about the fruit on the tree of life in revelation 22:2. Is this a spiritual fruit we as GOD’s children will take of ?

  • Deceiving Spirits

    Thanks for your faithfulness to the things of God, I have gained many insights from your teaching. I have a question about Isaiah 19:14 and 1st Kings 22:22. Both passages speak of perverse or lying spirits that are sanctioned by the Lord. Did God use these for judgment as he used Satan to test Job? What are your thoughts on these spirits?

Feature Article

Revelation 2-3: 7 Letters To 7 Churches, Part 3

Philadelphia and Laodicea. The conclusion to our study on the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation 2 and 3.

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Revelation 2-3: 7 Letters To 7 Churches, Part 2

As the Roman Empire grew in prominence, Rome soon became the world’s center for the practices and traditions of the Babylonian pagan religion.

Our Outreach Work

Update: Parvathi

A few short weeks after I published Parvathi’s story here, her condition worsened, and she went home to the Savior she had just met. We cried and cried, and we mourn still.

Parvathi was from a small tribe named Hakki Pikki. They are a very close-knit tribe, keeping away from outsiders. They don’t speak either of the main languages of India—Hindi or English, so they are very isolated.

When we were asked to provide medical treatment for Parvathi, they accepted us among them. And, fortunately, our volunteer Vilbert speaks their language!

In addition to medical treatment, we brought groceries each week to Parvathi and her family. After Parvathi was born-again, others close to her noticed a change in her. She was no longer afraid and she had a deep peace. Six women, in particular, started asking Parvathi about this change, and she told them about Jesus. They asked Vilbert, when he came to bring groceries to teach them too about Jesus. So he started teaching them and praying with them and teaching them worship songs in their language. These six women also accepted Jesus!

Then, shortly after, Parvathi passed away. We held a memorial service for her and during this service, all six women testified how much Parvathi loved Jesus, and that they too had received Him as their savior. These women are well respected and their testimonies greatly moved the tribe.

Then they asked us, if we have love for them as a people, can we hold a meeting for all of them like we had for Parvathi and the other women? With Bible Stories and singing?

We put together an evening with food, Bible Study, praise, and prayer. The men were so happy to be included! And families together learned about the love of Jesus. They are so receptive, and many have given their lives to Jesus. They have asked us to begin regular services for them.

It’s amazing how the Lord is working things together here! He is giving peace from despair and beauty from ashes in this tribe. When we thought our ministry among this tribe was over with Parvathi’s passing, it looks like it’s just beginning.

Thank you so much for your support that makes all of this possible! Both your giving and your prayers are bringing salvation to so many.

Feature eBook

Understanding Revelation

No other book of the Bible was so specifically written for our generation.  Of its 22 chapters, 19 are about a time that’s still in our future.

And no other book of the Bible promises blessings to those who read it, hear it and take to heart what is written in it.

In short, the Book of Revelation is arguably the most important book you will read in your life time.

People have shied away from this book because of its use of symbolism and its cryptic references.  In writing this commentary, I’ve tried to explain these things in common everyday language to make it easier to understand while remaining true to the book’s purpose, which to inform us of things that will soon be taking place.

Here then is my commentary on the Book of Revelation.

-Jack Kelley

Feature Audio Study

The Incomparable Riches of His Grace

This study is for believers and non-believers alike.  It describes three things in detail.  What the Lord has done for us in the past, what He’s doing now, and what He’s preparing to do in the future.  And it’s all free for the asking, no matter who we are or where we’ve come from.  Feel free to down load this and share it with friends and family.