America In The Crosshairs?


Now that it seems like more American Christians are facing hardship and persecution, and that the American economy might collapse, everyone is more open to the idea that the end is near. Our brothers and sisters the world over have been suffering for years. Christians are being martyred all over the world, why is is that just because America might suffer the wrath of God for our sins are we becoming more fearful that we really are approaching the last of the last days?


I can’t speak for others, but the reason I’ve been saying for over 20 years that we need to prepare for the Lord’s return is that’s what I think the Bible is telling us. The hardships and increasing intolerance Christians in the US are facing is simply an indicator that the time is at hand.

I’ve found that most people are pretty short sighted and something has to almost slap them in the face before they’ll give it any consideration. Americans have been slapped hard a couple of times recently, so maybe we’re starting to pay more attention. If so, my prayers that people will wake up and begin to recognize the signs of the times are being answered.