Answered prayer and COVID update

Thank you for so faithfully praying with us for those we serve together! Here’s an update on our people who had covid and continued prayer requests.


First a praise!

I’m going to jump to the end and let you know the great news. Then I’ll fill you in on what the Lord is doing. My heart is overjoyed and I’m so excited to tell you that every single one of our people in the hospital in India has been released! Everyone is home! They are all well!  It’s likely we won’t know till we’re with Jesus what impact was made and what seeds were planted by our people there, but I get to share a bit of what we know with you below! I’m so proud of them and I’m so grateful.

Now some details!

Jesus is at work

Last week I shared about these eight of our people in India with covid who were admitted into the hospital. Here is that post if you missed it.  Early this week the nurse in charge of the ward the men were in called our volunteer. She told him that first, these three men began kneeling and praying. Then the entire ward began to get down and join them. They began singing along with praying together to praise the Lord and to calm each person there. There is so much fear and uncertainty in the hospitals right now. They are running out of oxygen and medicine and each person does not know if they would be treated if they turned critical. So these three men began singing worship songs.

The nurse told our volunteer that she kept telling the men to stop!  But the other patients begged them to continue, so she relented. They began learning the songs and joining in. Then the nurse realized that not one patient in her entire ward had suffered any complications since the men arrived. She realized that not one person had been transferred to the ICU since they arrived. So she asked our volunteer what was their story? They didn’t have Christian names, but they were praying to Jesus. And she knew her ward was different when they arrived. So our volunteer had the opportunity to share a bit about this tribe, that he is their pastor, and what Jesus has done for them.

He got to tell her that they have been transformed by the love of Jesus and they are too grateful to not praise and sing. The nurse was amazed. She told him she is the mother of small children and she is worried every day, and she works in horrific conditions. She asked him to ask our church (and that includes all of you! As we are one group in Christ) to pray for her. So please pray with us for this nurse, along with each person in this ward.

The Lord is working. There is so much pain and suffering, but He is moving. He is moving IN us. We are the vessel for His love, His care, His healing, His peace, His protection. When people ask me, where is God in hard times, in suffering, in loss, I reply that He is IN us! We carry His glory. And we have the great opportunity to work with Him to bring healing and restoration to all He brings to us.

While we rejoice this, let’s continue to intercede for all of this country we love so much. The virus is raging, the hospitals are overrun, they are mass burning bodies and even with that, there’s a long queue. Many hospitals have had to shut their gates, and they are running out of oxygen and medicine needed. Currently, 1 out of every three tests is positive. They’ve had over a million new cases in the last few days. Two volunteers of ours work in hospitals and they are in impossible circumstances. There is so much death and suffering. Please pray for our volunteers for protection and for strength. Pray for the peace of God to be upon them and all they are with during this crisis.

The Four Ps to pray for India (and everyone you feel the Lord leading)

One of our readers sent me this guideline for prayer and I love it. I don’t know who came up with it, but I’m so grateful for it!

1. People suffering

Those in the hospital, those sick at home. Those who have lost someone.

2. Physicians

Nurses, doctors, and all medical staff working in impossible conditions. For protection, and strength.

3. Politicians

As they oversee the rollout of the vaccine, as they support the hospitals and businesses, and petition other nations for the help they need. Also for those who can help around the world to be moved and able to do so.

4. Pastors and spiritual helpers

As they lead and shepherd their people through this crisis, with new challenges and also new opportunities to share the hope of Jesus.

♥ Samantha

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