Joel’s village all COVID positive

On May 11, many in little Joel’s village became sick. It took a few days, but we were able to get them all tested, and today all the tests came back positive. The area is on strict lockdown and just getting them to the testing facility took a lot of planning. We were able to get the medicine they need from the hospital. The area is in full crisis, with many dying in the streets outside the hospital because there are no beds and not enough oxygen.

Thankfully, this is the smallest group of our people. They live just a bit away from the big village where the prayer house is and there’s a handful of adults and six kids. This is one reason why it what such a miracle the 8 in the prayer house village got spaces in the hospital. Because we would have had no way to quarantine the sick, and no way to prevent it from going through the whole village.

Thankfully, no grandparents are in the village, and we think all but one are low risk. Rathna’s sister Bhagya suffers from epilepsy and may be at higher risk for complications. Please pray for them all and especially that none develop complications. We are praying for mild cases for each person.

We are so grateful we were able to bring them medicine. We are praying they all respond to the medicine and that none become serious. Pray with us that all recover well.

We rented one of these covered vehicles to take everyone to the testing facility.

And here they are getting tested.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

♥ Samantha

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