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Week in review May 5 2018

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Week in review November 17 2018

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Eschatological Confusion

Published: August 31, 2016 (Originally published: August 11, 2006)

I am wrestling with the different schools of thought regarding eschatology. (Historism, Preterism, and Futurism)…..Some of the questions that I am trying to answer are?

1) Does the bible clearly teach that there will be a pre-tribulation rapture? If so, why are there so many of the original reformers not on board with that view. This lead me to research what actually caused this view to change over time. I then found out about Darby and how dispensationism developed. Apparently, it is through the template of dispensationism that the pre-trib (futurism) developed. (I hope this is correct, but I am not convinced).

2) Does the bible really teach a 7 year tribulation? I realize that this gets back to Daniel 9 and the idea of the 70 weeks has truly been delayed. Some of the reasons that I have my doubts are as follows:

“The entire prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 covers a period of “seventy weeks,” or 490 years. Logic requires that “seventy weeks” refers to one consecutive block of time, in other words, to seventy straight sequential weeks. There is no example in Scripture (or anywhere else!) of a stated time period starting, stopping, and then starting again. All biblical references to time are consecutive: 40 days and 40 nights (see Genesis 7:4), 400 years in Egypt (see Genesis 15:13), 70 years of captivity (see Daniel 9:2), etc. In Daniel’s prophecy, the “seventy weeks” were to begin during the reign of Persia and continue to the time of the Messiah. Daniel 9:27 says nothing about a seven-year period of “tribulation,” a “rebuilt” Jewish temple, or any “anti-Christ.” ”

My goal is to have the best possible understanding of scripture related to these areas. I am not trying to prove an argument, but rather to learn and to be guided by God and the Word of Christ.