Choosing Priests For The Temple

Q. I really enjoy your site and the daily Q&A’s that I receive. Thank you for doing this. In one of your recent answers to a question about the Ark of the Covenant, you mentioned the Temple Institute and how they were preparing priests to be ready to serve in the Temple when it is finally rebuilt. Please tell me how the Temple Institute determines, after two thousand years, who is from the tribe of Levi? And more importantly, who is from the line of Aaron?

Do they use DNA testing for this or do they rely solely on family records? I know when Herod’s temple was destroyed in 70 AD all the genealogy records that were kept there were destroyed with it.

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Confirming The 3 Day 3 Night Scenario.

Q. I recently found your article entitled “solving the three day, three night mystery” in which you provide evidence for a Thursday crucifixion and a Sunday resurrection. It was very helpful and I want to thank you for your efforts. In it you state “…at sunrise it was Friday day, day two” This leads me to ask what is meant in Luke 24:21 when Jesus met with the men on the road to Emmaus and they told him that it was the “third day since all this took place.

The road to Emmaus event took place on the Sunday day (day three according to them) which would make Saturday day 2 and Friday day 1 since Christ was crucified. I just wonder how you make the 3 days 3 nights of Matthew 12:40, plus the Thursday crucifixion theory fit with Luke 24:21?

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The 2nd Coming, Flesh Or Spirit?

Q. I am wondering about the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and am not sure whether He returns in the flesh, or in the spirit. If He returns in the flesh we will see Him, but if He returns in the Spirit we will not, please help me understand this.

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Will The Great Tribulation Be Shortened?

Q. I have some questions in regard to how you think The Lord’s shortening of the Tribulation period, as stated in the Bible, will play out? I have never read anything in the Bible directly addressing how this will occur. I don’t believe I have even read a commentary on this question either. Only that The Lord is a compassionate God and for the sake of mankind this period of time will be shortened.

Will each of the judgments be shortened? Will a specific judgment by shortened? Will all the 70 weeks be fulfilled, only the judgments shortened, but spread out so that the Earth will still fulfill the prophesy of the entire 70 weeks? I realize your answer might be speculation, however, your thoughts on this question would be appreciated.

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Still More On Post Rapture Salvation

Q. You often instruct us that after the Church is raptured, salvation for tribulation believers will be like it was in the OT. You referenced Rev.14:12 regarding the fact that believers must keep God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus. What commandments are these . . . the Ten Commandments?

Romans 4 says, “Abraham believed God, and it (faith) was credited to him as righteousness” – no mention that he had to keep the commandments as part of his security because we know that the Ten Commandments and many more were given to Moses for His chosen people much later – making it look like there are two models for OT salvation, pre-law (i.e., Abraham) and post-law. So what are the “commandments” spoken of in Rev. 14:12?

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Catholics In The Rapture?

Q. I am a born again Christian. I can’t get enough of the Word of God and His saving Grace. I marvel at the articles you have written. I am 74 yrs and have really begun to love our Lord and humble myself before him. My husband passed after 53 years of marriage and during his last years attended the Catholic church as the Priest seem to connect with him. He really didn’t practice the Sacraments or Jesus plus Mary as you indicated. He was a generous man and didn’t consider his works to get him into heaven. He was a baptized Baptist in his youth and I know he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour who died for his sins. Did you mean that Catholics will not be raptured? I know that God considers the heart. So that would mean that Catholics would go to heaven with the right heart condition of God.

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More On Prayer Languages

Q. On the recent tongues question … your answer indicates a difference between tongues and a prayer language. Could you expound more on that? Why do you think they are different? Do you even see a case for a prayer language in Scripture? Or do you see a prayer language as merely a man made ritual?

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Are Some Automatically Condemned?

Q. Since the death and resurrection of Christ millions of people have died without hearing the message of salvation through Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Does God automatically send those individuals to hell? Is there a way God is revealed to these individuals so they may be aware of the existence of God, believe in God and have faith that He will provide spiritual security? Must they hear the message of salvation thru Christ in order to trust God for eternal security?

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Is The Anti Christ From Syria?

Q. I have been listening to some teaching by a messianic Jewish bible scholar who was talking about the identify of the antichrist. Though he agrees no one knows the antichrist’s identity, he believes the little horn mentioned in Daniel suggests the antichrist will be (a)-syrian.. or from Syria. He traces Syria history back from the Hittites, to the Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire, Alexander, Ottoman and so forth. What are your thoughts?

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OSAS And The Two Phase Atonement

Q. I discovered a site that offers articles on Conditional Salvation and The Two-Phase Atonement. They claim “Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary was but the first half of the process, with the second phase still in the future. The sacrifice has been made, they say, and the blood has been shed, but the final atonement has not yet been made.

They also boast, regarding the article on Conditional Salvation, that “this article can give you many of the proofs you need to discuss this issue intelligently with others. The author, an attorney, proves beyond a reasonable doubt the falsity of the doctrine of unconditional eternal security.”

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