Week in review March 9 2019

Our outreaches continue in India and Mexico! And on the site, as always, we’re learning the Word. Continue reading for photos from our outreaches this week as well as a recap of all the posts on the site.

It’s been a busy week for us in India:

We brought little Simon below because he had trouble breathing. He was diagnosed with a severe lung infection and stayed in the hospital most of the week.

After many days, he started to improve dramatically!

And he is now being released from the hospital!

We also brought Thuja to the hospital. He suffers from frequent headaches and vomiting, so the doctors ordered a CT Scan and we’ll have the results next week. Please pray for Thuja and all the kids and adults in our care! We are so grateful to this hospital who sees all we bring them!

And look who got chicken pox! Please pray for both her and her mom for a quick recovery.

Last week, our volunteers traveled to the village of a new group who attend our church. They walk four miles each way to our church each week, and so last week our volunteers went to them one weekday night!

These people are from a similar tribe as the one we’ve been serving the last couple of years. They have never been able to attend schools, and both the adults and children are illiterate. The adults are stonecutters.

Last year for our VBS (my first time visiting India!) four children from this tribe came. Now each week they all come!

This tribe was so honored that our volunteers made a special trip just for them, that they did it again this week!

They fellowshipped and prayed, and the kids have asked to begin to learn to read and write! So our volunteers brought the little chalkboards we use in our Adult Literacy Classes!

We are praying that we’ll be able to enroll them in school in the next term, in a few months. Please pray with us for these new believers and for all the Lord wants to do for them!

Midweek, our volunteers also came to the other village for the men’s prayer meeting. This is an amazing, and quick answer to prayer! When I was there in January, many women asked me to pray for their husbands. They had met Jesus in a radical way and were so excited and so full of faith, but their husbands weren’t, they were shy and hesitant to get involved with our group. Remember that this is a tribe who has been isolated and outcasts in society. But these women wanted their husbands to see their new lives, and to want the peace and joy and love and acceptance they found in Jesus. The very next week after I left, their husbands came on Sunday, and asked to learn to pray like their wives! Our volunteers meet with them each week now to pray with them!

It’s an incredible blessing to see first-hand how Jesus changes lives. Lives are being transformed! From people discarded and outcast to a people full of dignity and grace and love. It’s amazing!

Thank you so much for joining with us in prayer, in support, and in love!

Scenes from our Sunday Service:

These kids are still in their very first year of school! We love to give small gifts of encouragement and honor for their efforts, whether it’s in their memory verses or when their teachers share how hard they work and how well they are doing in school!

We gave them the vitamin tonic and personal hygiene items:

Our Adult Literacy Class:

Thank you for keeping us, this ministry and our outreaches in prayer, and thank you for your support! We couldn’t do any of this without you.

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God bless you!
♥ Samantha

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