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Another Isaiah 17 Question

Published: July 15, 2006

Thank God, Jack, for your Website because it is helping lots of brothers and sisters out there, including me, who are thirsty for the word of God.

Do you believe this event has something to do with the prophecy of Damascus and if so; in your opinion is it before the rapture or after the rapture? I feel excited in the sense that the coming of our Lord is near and at the same time I feel anxious because I am not that good servant.

Is Isaiah 17 is also talking about the damage in Israel as well? And if so do you the think it will only take few years for this to come to the tribulation; please make your answers long and please cover more details on this. By the way I am here in Saudi Arabia.

A Question On Isaiah 17

Published: July 15, 2006

In Isaiah CH. 17 it says that nations will rush like the rushing of many waters. This alliance of nations, who are they? What battle is this referring to after Damascus is destroyed? If nations rush it must be somewhat of a pretty sizable battle. God bless you for helping us Saints out. To a believer,this website means a lot.

Isaiah 17 And Ezekiel 38

Published: July 14, 2006

In light of current headlines I was wondering if there is a link between the destruction of Damascus prophesied in Isa 17:1 and the battle of Ezek 38 lead by Iran? I find it very interesting that Iran has placed their National Security Adviser in Damascus. Is there any scripture that puts the timing of the two prophesies close together?

Speaking In Tongues

Published: July 13, 2006

I have a question for you regarding being filled with the Holy Spirit. Do you believe, and does the Bible support, being filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues or was it just for the book of Acts? My husband has been saved for 3 years and is still waiting for the evidence of speaking in tongues. Is it for everyone to use at all times or just certain times that the Lord decides? Any info you have would be great. Thanks!

A Partial Rapture?

Published: July 10, 2006

Thank-you for this section of your web site, it has helped so much with my Bible study.

I’m am however having a real hard time seeing in the scripture that everyone who is saved is going in the rapture. When I read some of the parables such as the ten virgins and the watching servants, it seems that Jesus is separating the faithful servant from the unfaithful servant. Could this mean that even though salvation is a gift for belief, the Rapture is a gift for faithfulness?

I also find it hard to believe that Jesus would take anyone in the Rapture that doesn’t even believe the Rapture will happen, Although many that Love the Lord do not believe. Wouldn’t this be against their free will?

Did Judas Have A Choice?

Published: July 9, 2006

I was reading the question on Judas and the Anti-Christ, and am wondering if this was free will on his part to betray Jesus, or was he chosen?

I would like to think that he was chosen and that God will forgive him. It could not have been an easy thing to do when he followed Jesus for the whole time of his ministry. Did God pick him because he was not of pure intent?

Any insights you may have on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all your Blessed work.

Ten Lost Tribes

Published: July 8, 2006

Re: Revelation 11:15-12. Under the subheading “Where are the Twelve Tribes?”, I was looking forward to hearing about the dispersement of the 12 tribes of Israel, not the location of the temple. Unless I misread the article, you speak of the Jews only. The Jews only made/make up 2 1/2 of the twelve tribes of Israel (Judah, Benjamin, and some of the Levites). The other ten tribes went north during the time of Jeroboam (read Kings) and were eventually conquered and dispersed by the Assyrians. The southern tribes stayed in Jerusalem until they were conquered by the Babylonians and went into captivity for 70 years. After that period, they went back to Jerusalem and built the second temple. What has happened to the other ten tribes? Many think they make up much of Europe and the U.S. — I really don’t know but it is interesting to speculate.

I guess what I am saying is that you should not refer to the 12 tribes of Israel as the “Jews”. Besides Judah and Benjamin (the Jews), there are Reuben, Gad, Issachar, Zebulun, Asher, Joseph, Simeon, Naphtali, Dan, and the other half of the descendants of Levi. While all Jews are Israelis, not all Israelis are Jews.

Are Children Saved Follow Up

Published: July 7, 2006

Regarding the question: Are all Children Saved:

What if an unborn child , aborted fetus and little children that have not reached the age of accountability, what if their “parents” are not saved or Satanists or New Agers (any unbelievers)… I assume they will be saved too…

Do we have scripture for this or must one parent at least be saved?

Adultery And Divorce

Published: July 6, 2006

What are the Biblical grounds for Divorce? If a man or woman says, “I have been married 5 years and I am tired of constantly giving and receiving nothing in return. I want a Divorce.” Biblically, I understand this as illegal grounds to Divorce. If Scripture is very narrow on why people can Divorce, then is it possible that we as a Culture have weakened the whole concept of Marriage to begin with?

In my human mind I hear complaints that sound pretty legit, but from Gods Perspective seem to fall short as actually being able to Divorce someone. Maybe most of us in America should not even marry if we are just going to trade our Spouse in a few years later. I Need Scriptural help on this subject. My Grandmother told me that back in the 1920’s that if a couple divorced, most neighbors would not even speak to such people. Somehow, something has gotten watered down. Thanks, I love this Website!

Will We Miss Our Unsaved Families?

Published: July 6, 2006

Re: The article “Where is Paradise?” You say at the very end: “Though she no longer experiences any of the effects of her disease, and although she misses her children….” Isn’t it true that once in heaven, we will no longer “miss” anyone? Because missing them would cause us pain and there is no pain in heaven.

I ask this because my brother recently converted to Judaism and my mother and I are convinced he will not go in the Rapture if it happens anytime soon because of his disbelief in Jesus. My mom was crying one day and asking what that meant for us together as a family in heaven…would we “miss” him and I said I thought No, we would not. That we probably wouldn’t even remember him, because if we did, it would cause pain and there would be no pain in heaven. What are your thoughts on this?