Why Do I Have A Choice?

Q. I have always been taught that God gives us freedom of choice because He wants us to be free to love Him or not love Him by choice. Therefore we are free to either sin or not sin. If that is true, then why can’t I choose NOT to have freedom of choice? I WANT to be a robot, loving God and not sinning continuously. I constantly sin…constantly. I am beset by a sinful addiction.

I pray to God, through Jesus, to keep the opportunity for sin away from me. I do not place myself in situations where I can sin, but the thoughts of my sin barage me constantly, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This week some sins that I committed 25 years ago came back to haunt me. I confessed these sins to Jesus and repented many years ago but, even though He forgave me, He let me suffer punishment now. I understand that just because He forgave me didn’t mean that I would escape punishment. These were some very serious sins.

What I would like to know is that long before I committed these sins I would have gladly given up my freedom of choice and would like to have been an “android for Christ” (if such a thing would have been possible). You seem to be a very spiritually blessed person so maybe you could answer this for me.

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How Should The Church Hold Believers Accountable?

Q. I read your article yesterday on Rapture Ready entitled, “What Is Sin”. It was amazing! I agree with you 100%.

My question to you though is about churches in our times now. We appear to have become very tolerant of sin in people who call themselves Christians and members of our churches. I see so many who regularly attend but who continue to live in sin with boyfriends (for years and years and continue doing it). That is just one example but I think you know what I mean.

You are dead-on right about judging others but are we also supposed to hold one another accountable? I read an article on the Drudge Report tonight about a church in Jacksonville, Florida who are using 18:17 to announce the sins of a particular woman in their congregation to the entire church. It seems a bit rough to me because where does grace fall into any of this? I think there is a fine line between grace and tolerance. What I’m seeing more and more are congregations of people coming to play church and not devoting themselves to the obedience of Jesus Christ. (yes, believe me, no one knows better than me about the plank in my own eye).

I guess what I’m asking is how do we call our churches back to obedience? It seems to me that we have a form of Godliness but lack the power thereof. I fear for the church in these times. I’d be interested to know what you think about this. Thank you so much for your time and may God richly bless you!

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How Was Jesus Tempted, Follow Up

Q. You say in your answer, “By definition a temptation has to be desirable to the person being tempted.” Is it not also a desire to do something that we know is wrong? I understand that when we are being tempted we have a desire in our heart to sin in some way.

I understand from the verses on anger and lust that our hearts can sin even if we don’t act on it and the temptation to sin begins with our heart’s evil desire. With that in mind I too don’t understand how Jesus was tempted in all ways-just as we are and yet was without sin? (Hebrews 4:15)

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I Never Asked For This

Q. I am going to try and articulate my question. First let me say, that I understand I am a sinner, have a sin nature and need a redeemer. I don’t DESERVE anything, but thru grace and faith and the work of Jeshua on the cross I am saved.

Here goes my analytical mind: I didn’t chose to be born. Since I didn’t chose to be born I didn’t chose to be a sinner. I have an invisible (to me) enemy that wants to see me in hell. I also didn’t chose my body/mind/ brokenness. Some I’ve known seem to be a lot more hard headed than me, etc. Which seems to lead them into the trap of not wanting/believing they need a savior. So they go to hell. That seems like a HUGE penalty for something one didn’t chose in the first place.

When I think about this it makes me very fearful that I could have missed it. But for the grace of God go I. I can almost hear your answer, the one I could come up with. My problem with that is it is hard for me to believe that everyone regardless of their issues got/gets at least one chance. My mind replies: what if? Maybe the answer is: It just is.

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Am I Required To Support Him?

Q. I’ve been married to the same man for 21 years, and we have two sons. During all this time, for the most part, I have been the main bread winner. For long stretches of time, the longest being 4 years, my husband has not worked.

It’s not that he won’t work per se, but he’s not the type to go out and search consistently until he finds a job, he always waits for work to come to him, via family members etc. We are both believers, and have been since we were kids. There fore I just don’t understand how a man can sit at home day after day after day, while his wife gets up everyday and goes off to work, so that the family can eat and have a roof over their heads. I will never understand how he can watch me struggle so hard to keep us afloat financially, while he sits and does nothing.

I’m tired of getting very little in return in the way of a loving gentle caring husband. He basically treats me like a room mate, except he doesn’t help with the rent and groceries. I understand what Christ said about the biblical reasons for divorce, but would He expect me to keep up this charade, and keep caring for someone financially who clearly has the ability to get up off the sofa and get a job and help me?

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How Can God Sit On A Throne?

Q. Thank you for all your hard work and insight into the word of God. My question concerns the one who sat on the throne in Revelation 5:7. Jesus said in John 4:24, “God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”. I have always wondered about Rev. 5:7 and have never had an interpretation that I could fully grasp. A spirit is like the wind, you can’t see the wind but you can see the effects of the wind. So would this not indicate that a spirit can’t be seated on a literal throne. It would seem to me that it be would Jesus seated on the throne in his resurrected body. In Mathew 28: 18 Jesus said “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”. Could this some how be what revelation chapter 5 and verse 7 is referring to? Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Should I Stay Or Leave?

Q. When I got married I made a commitment before God to make my wife as happy as I could without being selfish, always trying to love her just as Jesus loved the church. Since both of our parent’s marriages ended in divorce, I was determined to make an extra effort. I know that we are human and we could never really accomplish that, but that’s the example that we’re supposed to follow.

Now it’s 6 years later, and I’ve become involved with another woman. I deeply care for my wife and children, but feel that I would just be sacrificing myself for their happiness while I don’t have the desire to be with my wife like I use to. I have not spoken to anyone about this, but I’m praying that I find someone that is unbiased and will not give me a “religious” answer, but Bible based counseling. I know that God forgives any sin and can restore my marriage, but I feel like I don’t want to try anymore. Right now I’m with my wife because I know that is what God wants, that people around me would suffer if I left, and that my pastor and leaders would be disappointed in me. About my children, I love them, but my parents stayed together for many years because of us and lived a very unhappy life until they finally got a divorce.

I’m not looking for the easy way out, but I also don’t want to live in an unhappy marriage. I have asked God for forgiveness and I know I have been forgiven, but I’m having a very difficult time knowing what direction to take. Please help me.

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Did They Hear It Or Didn’t They?

Q. In the book of Acts when Luke tells of Saul’s conversion in chapter 9 v 7, he says those that were with Saul heard a voice but saw no man. Then in chapter 22 v 9, Paul tells it that they who were with him saw the light, but did not hear the voice that spoke to him. Why are we reading two different versions of this amazing event ? Thank you.

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Saved By Grace, Kept By Works?

Q. I read your article “What Is Sin.” You did a good job in explaining what sin is in the life of a believer in the fact that it means “to miss the mark.” You also did very well in showing that all of us sin and miss the mark, pointing out that one sin, no matter how small, is just as bad as what others call larger sins such as murder and adultery. You spoke of repentance being a change of mind. True, we change our mind regarding living a perverse lifestyle, acknowledge that we need a Savior, and accept that Savior (Jesus Christ) as our Savior.

All in all you did a marvelous job in showing people we should not be pointing the finger in judgment toward others who “fall into” sin just like we do when we “miss the mark.” Very good!

Unfortunately, you did NOT address the real issue. What you avoided speaking of was the believer who doesn’t strive. You avoided speaking of the person who declares they are saved and always will be saved because they have had a change of mind, have accepted Christ, but are NOT striving to be holy. Falling short (as we all do) or “missing the mark” in our attempt to achieve living a sinless life is far different from those who, at some point in their “walk” have decided that it’s “okay” to willfully live in perversion.

Biblical warnings against apostasy are real and believers maintain the freedom to potentially reject the salvation they once accepted. They weren’t forced to accept and are not forced to stay.

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