Jeremiah’s Field And The New Temple

Q. Somewhere in the book of jeremiah , God tells Jeremiah to purchase a plot of land and seal the deed in a clay pot and bury it. From my calculations this plot of land is in Anathoth, which is just north of present day Jerusalem. Could this be the deed for the plot where the new temple will be built? And isn’t this pot somehow resevered to be found in our time?

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The Singularity

Q. I have been reading about The Singularity recently. Is there any place in the Bible where it says or points to The Church or the world will be here while this is going on? It sounds like it is going to be a bad time and some weird things will be happening.

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Tithing On A Gift

Q. I know many questions have been answered about tithing, but I have one more. If you receive someone else’s money for you to use for a certain reason, is that something you shouldn’t tithe on? I do not feel obligated to do so, and tithing on it would not be done joyfully (which probably answers my own personal question). I agree that you should tithe on your gross income (because it is all money you’ve earned, you’re just giving money to the government for programs you will benefit from in the future). But if you receive money someone else has given you for a specific purpose, would it not be improper to give their money to something they did not intend it for?

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Can I Marry My Former Boyfriend’s Brother?

Q. Can I marry my former boyfriends brother?

Its a complicated situation but my first love “Jo” has now after 15 years told me he loves me too. The problem is since we broke up, I went out with his brother, I always loved “Jo” and the relationship with his brother “Nik” has always been strained because of the original relationship I had with “Jo”. I feel like I could have gone back to Jo but now Nik and I have a daughter together, and Nik is a very jealous character. But I have resolved that I cannot be with Nik as his spirit is not right. He has no interest in coming to church with me.

Jo is not the best choice either but the problem is I think I love him. And now that my feelings for him are returned I am so happy. One of my friends said its incestuous, and I want to know if that is true. I have done some research on love triangles and I realise thats what I am in and that i must not go straight into one relationship from another. I am not seeing either of then right now. What should I do?

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When Will God Intervene?

Q. Though I was raised in a “Christian” home, my father was abusive during my entire childhood. I would see him in church, raising his hands in worship and praying for others, since he was a deacon in the church, then he would then beat me and my siblings in between services. I always prayed to God to change my daddy, but He never did.

As an adult woman, I have had anger and bitterness towards God, though I have several times gone to HIM for a relationship. I don’t think I have ever felt God- A few weeks ago, I finally submitted and have been daily worshiping and praying, for I don’t simply want God in my life but want Him to be the CENTER of my life. Reading “The Shack” by William Young was so amazing and I felt like that book was written to reach a place in my heart I had closed off since Childhood. However, I am personally being challenged- my partner, Michael, has been hiding his prescription drug use and alcohol use from me. He has begun a spiral towards hell and all I can do is pray. BUT my question to you is this.

I feel as if my life and those of people I love are all subjected to others FREE WILL. God CAN intervene but will never force, or stop evil from happening. So again, I am at mercy of others. When does God come into the picture? I hope I am making this clear enough for you. Even though I have known of a God my entire life, I am only now getting to KNOW GOD. To have this challenge with Michael so soon into my new faith has been hard. I lost a dear friend to suicide August 14th of this year. Michael has the same voices in the basement, telling him that he is no good and has nothing to offer. When will God ever intervene? I read somewhere in the Bible that God can change the hearts of people. Please if you can, explain. I try to remain strong and loving towards God now.

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Should We Follow Corrupt Leaders?

Q. The Bible says to submit to authority because it is established by God. Doesn’t this mean that the American Revolution was wrong? Also, what about governments that are actively committing genocide? Should the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto not have resisted? Doesn’t this mean that Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. were all put in place by God and that they should have been obeyed even they mercilessly massacred their own people? I am confused.

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Ezekiel 38, Joel 2 Follow Up

Q. Could I ask a follow up on the question about Joel 2 and Ezekiel concerning Armageddon? Could Ezekiel 39:9-13 simply be talking about the clean up after Armageddon? Burning the weapons would seem appropriate seeing how they wouldn’t be needed anymore? I know that biblical scholarship see’s these two events as separate. However, does the old testament speak of Armageddon if Ezekiel is not it? And vice-versa, does the NT speak of Ezekiel’s battle? We accept that during the four gospel accounts of Christ’s life, each gospel of Jesus can sometimes provide very unique information, yet we know them as the same event. Could this not be the case with Revelation and Ezekiel?

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Christians And Leviticus, Follow Up

Q. Your answer on Christians and Leviticus brings up something that has been bothering me lately. In Old Testament times God said that eating pork was an abomination. Since God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, why is it not an abomination for us today? That also brings up the subject of homosexuality. Would that not also apply to homosexuality being an abomination to God in the Old Testament but not for Christians? Why does that comparison not fly. I am hetero- but I’m just curious at the contrast.

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Appointed To Eternal Life?

Q. RE: Acts 13:48. ” When the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and honored the word of the Lord; and all who were appointed for eternal life believed. ” Does this mean that there are some people appointed to be saved and others appointed for destruction?

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