How Important Are We?

Q. For the past couple of months I’ve been thinking about the question, how important are we (as born again Christians) to the earths progression and understanding of God? Can you you help me with this?

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Which Treaty And By Whom?

Q. We believe there will be a peace treaty (in Israel) because Gog and the other nations will come against Israel when they are living securely in their land. So when Gog comes against Israel will it be after the peace treaty has begun?

And if we believe the covenant, as predicted in Daniel is the covenant made or confirmed by the one who is or who will be the Antichrist, is that the covenant for 7 yrs. that brings peace for at least 31/2 yrs?

If all this is so, my question is this. Currently we are hearing the promise of a peace treaty in the Middle East, but it seems it is taking the efforts of many to bring it about. (of course, I assume also it might fall apart or not come about)

If this indeed becomes the covenant of many, how will we know the one who actually confirms it? I take from Scripture that this will be one person? Is the Rapture to take place before we see the Antichrist as a man of lawlessness or will we still be here to see him as a man of peace first? I agree that all is speculation until we actually see it happen, if we do. But anyway, are you up to give a take on this?

Thanks a lot. You can tell I value your Bible Study and answers based on them.

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Are God And Allah The Same?

Q. While subbing in a Sunday School class a member declared that Allah and The God of the Bible were the same. He said that Muslims, Christians, and Jews worship the same God by other names. I know that Allah arises out of the pagan gods of Babylon but I need back-up proof when I challenge that statement. Can you help me once more?

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The Three Questions Of Matt. 24 Follow Up

Q. In the article (The 3 Questions Of Matt. 24) a statement was made: “the absence of any reference to the Church shows us that we won’t be here during the time He was talking about.”

How to you validate this principle of omission as truth? It certainly is not found in the Bible as a teaching. If it is tell me where. I can use that principle anywhere in the Bible and it proves nothing, it seems to me to be only conjecture. Not everybody that witnessed the events in the Bible were mentioned by the writers. Therefore it wasn’t important enough to know or God did not want us to know. Some things are a mystery and should stay that way unless there is positive proof of subsequent revelation in the Bible.

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I Can’t Get Over My Abortion

Q. Several years ago my husband and I found out I was pregnant. Shortly afterward, an ultra-sound revealed some abnormalities and I was sent to a specialist. He confirmed that my baby’s head wasn’t closing and so his brain wasn’t forming fully. I told my doctor I couldn’t have an abortion as I believed it to be murder, but he explained that even if the baby went full term it would only survive an hour or so. I finally agreed to a D & C. Same effect as an abortion but supposedly more humane.

I am saved and know we live in a world where “bad things sometimes happen”. My problem is that I can’t lay it down. I have three beautiful little girls now, and a blessing they are, but on occasion the grief over my first child and the murder I allowed floats to the surface to haunt me. I just want to put it to rest and have peace, but I can’t seem to find the way.

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Another Tithing Question

Q. I have read various articles regarding the Tithe and have found that the New Testament does not include tithing like it is in the Old Testament and especially the way it is explained in Malachi. Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law and tithing is in the law. Jesus taught to give as you purpose in your heart not grudgingly or of necessity.

This means that all that we have belongs to God and we are stewards of these things. The way we handle these things will determine our love towards God. The new covenant in Christ is “what is yours is mine and what is mine is yours”. Is it correct then to say that 10% should not be preached but rather that all is Gods and not only the 10%. By doing this, if God wants us to give all we have, then we need to do so because of the covenant we have with him.

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What’s My Spiritual Gift?

Q. I have been reading your section on spiritual gifts & I know from reading the Word that, as a Christian, I have a gift. How do I find out what my gift is? The church I attend is “big” on speaking in tongues & at one time I thought I had received this gift – not so sure anymore. The one I desire is the gift of prophecy … is that desire indicative of prophesy being my gift? Any insight would be appreciated. By the way, I assume teaching is your gift?

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