It’s been amazing to see how the Lord is transforming hearts in this tribe. We are so grateful to be used by Him in our continuing outreaches with these precious people! In April, it looked like our work in this area was over, when Parvathi passed away. But May has been a month of growth,

It’s been an exciting week for Gracethrufaith!

We updated our top menu, making it more user-friendly. And added three new ways to view our content: our Articles only page, our Q&A only page, and the ability to view a random post!

Facebook has removed the Grace thru Faith page from their site.

We know many ministries who have been shut down in India. But the Lord is faithful! And as others have had to leave this country,  He has been increasing our ministry work here!

Grace thru Faith is 17 years old. We are well acquainted with the highs and lows of ministry work.

We’ve made some updates! Thank you for all your great suggestions!