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India Outreach – Spring Bible School 2017

Published: (Originally published: May 22, 2017)

After we had wrapped up the last service for Parvathi’s tribe, they asked if we would do anything special for the children. We told them about the outreaches we’ve been doing for almost ten years now in a different area, and they loved the idea. We hold these outreaches VBS-style with games and stories and crafts and food. All centered around Jesus.

It took a few days to find volunteers to help. Not many other people in the area speak their language. But the Lord quickly brought it all together, and soon we had helpers, a meeting hall, food, snacks, and clean drinking water for all 47 children for five days!

The children came from 9 am until 4 pm each day. It was a little more challenging than usual though. These children have never been to school and haven’t learned to read. So we focused on Bible stories, and songs, and even memory verses. The kids were so proud of themselves for memorizing Bible verses. They had so much fun!

The parents had told us one of their biggest needs was personal hygiene items. So on the last day, we were able to give each child their own towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, and soaps. Such simple things we take for granted in the first world. But the kids were so excited to have them!

At the end, some parents asked if we could hold regular services for the children. We would love to, and we’re praying how to proceed. Please join us in prayer as we continue to minister to this tribe and show them the love of Jesus.

I praise the Lord for what He is doing in the lives of this tribe, and for our growing relationship with them. A relationship that started simply, when we responded to His prompting to pay for cancer treatment for a young girl we had never met. I pray we’ll always be sensitive to His gentle promptings!

Gracethrufaith India outreach

The volunteers made up a sign thanking all of you who support this ministry and make this all possible. Thank you so much for responding when the Lord prompts you to give. Lives are being transformed because of it, and I’m so grateful!

Gracethrufaith partners IndiaMay the Lord richly bless you!

I’ve included a few short videos of the kids reciting memory verses and singing.

Click on the images below to view the gallery.

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Update: Parvathi

Published: (Originally published: May 22, 2017)

A few short weeks after I published Parvathi’s story here, her condition worsened, and she went home to the Savior she had just met. We cried and cried, and we mourn still.

Parvathi was from a small tribe. When we were asked to provide medical treatment for Parvathi, they accepted us among them. And, fortunately, our volunteer there speaks their language!

In addition to medical treatment, we brought groceries each week to Parvathi and her family. After Parvathi was born-again, others close to her noticed a change in her. She was no longer afraid and she had a deep peace. Six women, in particular, started asking Parvathi about this change, and she told them about Jesus. They asked our volunteer, when he came to bring groceries to teach them too about Jesus. So he started teaching them and praying with them and teaching them worship songs in their language. These six women also accepted Jesus!

Then, shortly after, Parvathi passed away. We held a memorial service for her and during this service, all six women testified how much Parvathi loved Jesus, and that they too had received Him as their savior. These women are well respected and their testimonies greatly moved the tribe.

Then they asked us, if we have love for them as a people, can we hold a meeting for all of them as we had for Parvathi and the other women? With Bible Stories and singing?

We put together an evening with food, Bible Study, praise, and prayer. The men were so happy to be included! And families together learned about the love of Jesus. They are so receptive, and many have given their lives to Jesus. They have asked us to begin regular services for them.

It’s amazing how the Lord is working things together here! He is giving peace from despair and beauty from ashes in this tribe. When we thought our ministry among this tribe was over with Parvathi’s passing, it looks like it’s just beginning.

Thank you so much for your support that makes all of this possible! Both your giving and your prayers are bringing salvation to so many.

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India Outreach

Published: December 11, 2016 (Originally published: November 9, 2016)

In 2007, a reader from India wanted advice to start a Bible outreach to children in a poor tribal area. We prayed, and knew the Lord wanted us to join with him and share His love and provision with these people.

Violent persecution of Christians took place just before our first planned outreach. Over 50,000 were left homeless after mobs burned down homes, churches, and businesses. Christians were threatened to covert to Hinduism or be tortured and killed. In the aftermath of the attack, those who survived and were able to fled the area, leaving mostly seniors and children.

Reaching the children in this area became even more important than before. And we’ve continued for 9 years! For two weeks at a time, we provide food, activities and the love of Jesus to hundreds of children, while teaching them about the Bible.

Because of the persecution and danger in this area, we couldn’t post photos or info on the internet before. But the Lord has brought so much restoration to this area in the last eight years. Those who were children in our first outreaches are now the youth leaders. The Lord has raised up pillars in the community who love and serve Him!

Thank you so much for your support that enables us to reach those in need with the love of Jesus.

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Christmas Prophecy

Published: January 25, 2017 (Originally published: December 24, 2016)

In this study we take the Bible’s earliest prophecies of the Messiah and follow them through time to show how the Lord narrowed down the field of candidates from any one of several million male descendants of Eve to just one possibility. Irrefutable evidence that Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be.

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The Revelation Story – As John Might Have Told It Today

Published: April 26, 2017 (Originally published: February 17, 2017)

If you’ve had trouble understanding the Book of Revelation—and who hasn’t—this summary and paraphrase is sure to help. Recorded as if John himself was speaking to you, the Revelation Story makes one of the most complex and controversial books of prophecy in the Bible so much easier to comprehend. Faithful to the literal interpretation with just enough background to make it a truly informative, even enjoyable, summary.

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Names of Jesus: The Redeemer

Published: December 18, 2019 (Originally published: December 17, 2015)

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

Jesus had to be God to forgive our sins, but He had to be human to redeem us.

“…our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own,